Kinflare Group was established in 1970, deriving from Wucheng FRP Main Workshop in Shandong Province.

Wucheng County is China’s FRP production base, where Wucheng FRP Main Workshop is the oldest and largest corporation.aadfad

In 1992, Wucheng FRP Main Workshop was renamed as Shandong Kinflare Group Co., Ltd.

Main three businesses: FRP products, central air-conditioning and real estate.

Area: 50 thousand square meters, staff: 2600

Shandong Kinflare Composite Materials Stock Co., Ltd. is the fully invested subsidiary company of Kinflare Group. 

Three production bases with 210 regular employees. Mainly engages in the R& D, production of  FRP parts. 

Truck parts as main product,  electrical equipment, anti-corrosion, transportation facilities as supplement.

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