Central air-conditioning market welcomes the window period of industrial reshuffle

2015 was the most difficult year since the development of central air-conditioning in China's market. Many small factories were closed and small businesses were closed. The window for a round of industrial reshuffle has been fully opened. But this situation is not a bad thing for central air-conditioning manufacturers in 2016. The more difficult the industry is, the more powerful manufacturers have the opportunity to break through and grow. 
Since the rise of central air-conditioning in the domestic market, it has been in many brands (at least hundreds of brands are currently active in the market, and less than 20 home air-conditioning brands are active), and dealers and engineering companies are chaotic. It's all, but the dealers who do n’t have a physical store in the field of home air conditioners have been hard to survive).
As is known to all, compared with domestic air conditioners, except for some high-end residential buildings, personal consumption is the main target for central air conditioners, and most of them are category 2B, which belongs to the purchase of project engineering equipment. Therefore, reliance on large projects and government procurement is very high. It is an indisputable fact that the economic growth has been declining since last year. Large-scale projects and government procurement have also been relatively reduced. The market is also full of pessimistic expectations. Whether it is a central air-conditioning manufacturer or a merchant, the operating pressure is also unprecedented, and most manufacturers feel Difficult to reach the market, dealers are even more difficult. The most difficult time in history is also the opportunity for the rise of big manufacturers. It can be said that the market environment in 2015 was the most difficult year for Central Air Tuning Coaching Yue Yue. It is understood that some small workshop-type manufacturers without technical reserves have begun to roll shop and leave the factory. Most of the leather bag companies that rely on contacts to contract projects are closed. In this situation, it seems to be a difficult and difficult time for the central air-conditioning industry and the market. If you think about it from a different perspective, shrinking demand, sluggish markets, and settlement difficulties are all sharpening stones. Technology, incapable manufacturers and companies have been eliminated through the baptism of the market, objectively purifying the market. At the same time, for the powerful, technical and capable central air-conditioning manufacturers, it is a great opportunity to stand out from the crowd. For central air-conditioning manufacturers, the most important thing is to merge and integrate, reducing opportunities for speculators. The sluggish market during the economic transition period not only eliminated those workshop-type enterprises that had no technology and low capacity and relied on patchwork to imitate them. At the same time, there were also some companies with incorrect technology and excellent products but insufficient financial strength. . Powerful companies can fully take advantage of this opportunity to integrate some valuable companies and strengthen themselves through episodic development through merger and integration. In this case, after the crisis has passed, the industry is actually undergoing a reshuffle and cleaning up, and some of the elite companies can survive. This is a time of opportunity for the industry. It is also a good opportunity for central air-conditioning distributors, engineers, and integrators to clean up their channels. In the past, there were a number of so-called dealers in the central air-conditioning market that had neither office locations nor service capabilities. They relied on the network and human chain to parasitize the central air-conditioning terminal market and get the items for sale to manufacturers or merchants. Their existence, on the one hand, deprives most of the profits of manufacturers and merchants; on the other hand, it disrupts market rules and breeds industry corruption. After the central government has stepped up anti-corruption efforts and anti-corruption has become the norm, there is little room for these purse companies to survive. Objectively, free up space for central air contractors and dealers who are truly capable, technical, capable of installation and follow-up service. This is a direction and trend that must not be ignored. It can be seen that the market environment is not good. In fact, it is still a filter in the industry. It will remove those "speculators" who have no strength, no technology, no ability, and rely on non-market means to parasitize in the field of central air conditioning, and purify the market. the goal of. This is more effective than those of administrative means. It can be said that it has opened a window for the consolidation period of the central air-conditioning industry.
After suffering, high-quality manufacturers need to grasp the four breakthroughs. 
Of course, for those really powerful and aspiring central air-conditioning manufacturers, the window of integration is also going to experience difficulties and trials. Persistence will be another world. 
First, the test of the financial strength of enterprises is very important. It is undeniable that although some enterprises have strong technical capabilities, production capabilities, design and construction capabilities, and service capabilities, often cash flow will become a fetter. If there is a problem with funds, it will fall instantly. Therefore, the cash flow is the small cotton jacket of the enterprise to protect against the cold. Don't freeze to death because there is no “cotton jacket”. If manufacturers do have the strength, take this opportunity to merge and integrate, the cost may be the cheapest. Second, build a high threshold for the industry with technology. In the past, there were many factories and merchants in the central air-conditioning field. One of the main reasons was that the industry threshold was too low, which made some manual workshops exist for a long time, and only unqualified dealers were flooded. To solve this problem, in addition to the strict and standardized management of industry authorities, industry companies must also upgrade their technologies significantly, using technology thresholds as firewalls, and worrying about speculation out of the industry. If you do not build a firewall at this time, once the market warms up, speculators will once again "relapse" to harm. 
Third, manufacturers should not relax research and development and new product launches. The market demand is constantly escalating with economic development. The homogeneous central air conditioner has been eliminated. Only by continuously introducing new products that meet the needs can we have the initiative to compete in the future. For example, master technologies such as magnetic levitation to meet the individual needs of future energy conservation, environmental protection, and silence. In this sense, R & D and new products are factory-made, and only in this way will the competitiveness be stronger after the market warms. 
Fourth, businesses cannot relax their ability to improve. In the future, the central airfield will not only increase the technical content of the products of the manufacturers, but also increase the level and requirements of demand. Without mastering certain technical and service capabilities, it will be difficult to meet the diverse and personalized needs of future customers. Therefore, using the weak free time of the market to improve one's ability is a problem that cannot be ignored.
For the central air-conditioning industry, the current situation of many brands and chaotic businesses must be changed. Perhaps this economic slowdown and structural transformation will bring opportunities for change in the central air-conditioning industry. In the future, the relative concentration of brands and merchants in the market is a big trend, and technology and service capabilities will be the touchstone for testing manufacturers. Seize the opportunity to win the future! 

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