The many advantages of domestic commercial air-conditioning have made great progress.

Commercial air conditioners have a century of development history in the world, and they have been used in China for more than 20 years. However, in recent years, it has really caught the attention of domestic companies. Commercial air conditioners have followed up after the rise of domestic air conditioners in the domestic market. At present, domestic air-conditioning competition in the domestic market has entered a fierce stage. With the continuous price war, almost unprofitable enterprises in the field of home air-conditioning have begun to find new development space and profit growth points in the field of central air-conditioning.

In the 1990s, after the introduction of Japanese brands into China, domestic air conditioners were quickly accepted by the domestic market. The rapid expansion of the market has also caused the "blood relatives" of home air conditioners, the commercial sensitivity of commercial aircraft, to quickly follow up to enter the Chinese market. Moreover, with the rapid development of the domestic economy, the many advantages of commercial air conditioners have catered for the demand of some high-end residential and office buildings in China, which has led to an overwhelming development.

Advantages of commercial air conditioners:

Easy to install. Commercial air-conditioning avoids the need to implement it in the main body of a building like traditional central air-conditioning, and it is particularly convenient for reconfiguration of old buildings that were not originally designed to install air-conditioning. The indoor unit is generally installed on a ceiling or a suspended ceiling, does not occupy the floor space, does not leave a dead corner, and the room is more spacious. At the same time, because the indoor units are mostly hidden in the ceiling, to meet the current trend of personalization of decoration, the overall decoration style of the house is fully integrated and protected, which can make the home decoration more free and full of personality. It is especially suitable for refurbishment and reconstruction of previous office premises.

Flexible to use. Commercial air conditioners generally have a cooling range of -5 ° C to 43 ° C and a heating range of -15 ° C to 15 ° C. Their performance is superior to that of domestic air conditioners, and they fully cover the ambient temperature of consumers' lives. . In addition, commercial air conditioners are flexible in operation and management. One outdoor unit can be connected to multiple indoor units. The indoor units can be individually controlled by switching to meet individual differences in temperature requirements.

Low carbon energy saving. At present, commercial air conditioners have generally adopted leading-edge DC frequency conversion technology and R410A environmentally friendly refrigerants, and related products have reached national energy efficiency standards. According to calculations, with the same room type and the same energy efficiency, the price of commercial air conditioners is only less than 30% higher than that of ordinary air conditioners, but the power saving is 45.6%, and the life span is extended by 1.5-2 times.

Quiet and comfortable. Commercial air-conditioning products use advanced mute technology. The indoor unit noise is only 26 decibels, which is equivalent to the sound of leaves falling. And commercial air conditioners have more uniform temperature adjustment and air supply, making people feel more comfortable. Fresh air and humidification functions can keep indoor air fresh and hygienic. The cooling and heating effect can be comparable to large central air conditioners, which are beyond the reach of traditional air conditioners.

It is precisely because of the many advantages of commercial air conditioners that the increase in demand will show a steady increase. It is foreseeable that with the improvement of living standards and the increase of various boutique residential quarters, as well as the expansion and expansion of office space, commercial air-conditioning will become a new consumer hot spot in the air-conditioning market.

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